Whether you are a keen amateur or a professional cook you will be aware that the presentation of a dish is of paramount importance. Food can taste absolutely delicious but if it looks totally unappetising it will be a disappointment to both you, the creator, and the recipient.

Tuile biscuits or simply 'tuiles' can make an average dish look good or a great dish superb.

Tuile meaning tile in French is so named because the original tuile biscuits resembled the curved tiles you would see on French roofs. Since then, it has become the generic name for any super-thin biscuit made for the embellishment of dishes.

Using one of our templates, you will be able to make exciting tuiles of various designs. The templates make the whole process simplicity itself and within minutes you will be able to produce tuile biscuits that will enhance your dishes to a professional standard.

Tuile recipes can be both savoury and sweet. The majority are sweet because the tuiles are normally used for desserts but there is no reason why the biscuits can't be used for savoury dishes too. In fact we supply a cactus design template for this very reason. What could be better than a dish of guacamole with a green cactus tuile embellishing it ?

So have fun, the world is your oyster or should I say tuile ?

The original tuile biscuits resembled the curved tiles of French roofs, that's why
they are called tuiles - tiles in French.
This effect can still be achieved by moulding a square, circular or oval shaped tuile over a round object such as a rolling pin while hot.

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Customer review :-                                                                                                           

“The tuile templates were purchased as a gift for my Mum. We’re both keen bakers,  

and had heard a lot about tuile biscuits but were surprised at the lack of places to  

purchase templates online. I was glad to come across your great website, which       

was exactly what we were looking for. The template has been very useful in helping 

us to experiment with tuile biscuits. So far we’ve only used the basic recipe,             

but there’s great potential to try new recipes and different flavours in the future.  

The template was used to great effect at a recent dinner party – they helped lift   

the dish to the next level, and looked exactly as we hoped it would. I was very        

happy with the speedy service we received from the website, and would recommend

to anyone.”                                                                                                                     

Many thanks,

Sophia Gorton, London